Arashel Shampoo Bar Review

Just recently I discovered the existence of shampoo bars. For those of you who don’t know, they are essentially hair shampoo conveniently contained in the form of a bar of soap! Even better for me, it turns out there is a lady living about half an hour away who makes them (and other products), using “natural and organic ingredients…free from chemicals, sulphates, parabens, alcohol, detergents or surfactants”(Arashel Facebook page). So, I decided to road test one for the viewers playing along at home, and here are my thoughts…

  • Cost

$8 per bar, which is comparable to other shampoos in the supermarket, but more than what I would usually pay. I am keeping track of how many washes I get out of it, though I must admit I am not entirely sure how many we would get from a bottle. All in all, I don’t mind paying a little more to support a local business and to use less harsh chemicals and plastics.

  • Ease of use / Convenience

Just like lathering up to wash your hands or body, so really easy. For the kids, it was faster than using bottled shampoo. For me, it took a bit longer as my hair needed more shampoo. The sticking point is storage, as you really don’t want it getting hit by the shower water and washing away, or being mistaken for body soap. At the moment I am popping it back in its cardboard sleeve after my shower, but I might keep thinking about a suitable alternative (happy for suggestions in the comments).

  • Smell

The bars are available in a few different scents. The one I have is quite a nice fragrance, similar to a GroVia Magic Stick.

  • Feel

This is where it gets a little tricky. What feels okay or nice to one person can be very different for someone else. For me, I am not a big fan of the “squeaky clean” soap feel where I can’t move my hand along my hair: I find it hard to really work the shampoo into the roots because of it. Without conditioner it felt fine when dry, but was very knotty and not as smooth as I am used to, so I am not quite ready to part with old-faithful yet.

  • Look

Left my hair looking shiny and clean with the little wave I always get after it has been wet. As good as, or better than, bottled shampoo.

After using Arashel Shampoo Bar, before brushing. Excuse the PJs. 😉
After using Arashel Shampoo Bar, after brushing. Very happy with the result.
  • Environmental impact

The maker of the shampoo bar lives locally so there is barely any transporting of the product to me. It is made from natural ingredients (including sustainably sourced palm oil) and wrapped in a cute little cardboard sleeve. Loving the lack of plastic bottles and nasty chemicals.

  • Would I use it again / recommend it?

Absolutely! I think it is great that we have something like this available to us and it is a step towards healthier, more sustainable living. If you have tried a shampoo bar (or another fabulous product I may not have discovered), I would love to hear your experience.


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