Cloth Nappying at Christmas Time

Cloth Nappying at Christmas Time

So, you have a busy Christmas period ahead of you. What are you going to do about nappies? Can you still use cloth, or are you going to have to make that dreaded trip to the supermarket (along with 30,000 other people who are all doing the “last minute rush” to get everything they need) for disposables?
Fear not. Taking cloth nappies with you when you head out is not as hard as it my seem. Here are some handy hints to see you through:

1. Pack more nappies than you think you will need.
A good rule of thumb, I find, is one nappy for every 2 hours, 1 for each nap and 1 extra (plus night nappies, if needed). If you are going to be away overnight, consider whether you will have access to washing facilities and how long it will take to get your nappies washed, dried and back in rotation.

2. Have 2 bags.
* A go-to bag (eg. nappy bag) that has the amount of nappies you are likely to need before going for supplies (so, if you are out for 5 hours and you change every 2-3 hours, you might only have 2-3 nappies).This bag should be somewhere readily available.
* A back up (or restocking) bag that has your spares and any things you may not need immediately, but are handy to have somewhere. This larger  bag could be in your car or in a room somewhere so that you can get to it if needed but it is not in the way.

3. Don’t forget the supplies!
Remember to pack plenty of wetbags and wipes. Wetbags are not only handy for your wet or soiled nappies, but can also be used for dirty clothes, snacks, keeping small pieces of presents contained and many other things. If you will have access to water, don’t pack a separate wipes wash, as it will just take up valuable space in your bag.

4. Consider the available facilities.
Do you need to include a changemat could one of your wetbags or wipes do the trick? Will you need to wash or dry your nappies (i.e. will you need to bring detergent,  a clothesline or an airer, and do you need to think about which nappies will dry more quickly)? Are you likely to need to do quick changes? What sort of nappies will be easiest to use?
If you need lots of changes, but will be short on space, perhaps a few covers with plenty of inserts might be the best option.

5. Most importantly, relax!
Christmas is about family, friends and fun, so enjoy it! Chances are, your most important nappy-related thoughts will be how cute that festive little cloth bum looks!