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Similar to the "old style" cloth nappies (terry flats), these are able to be folded to suit your child's size, gender and wetting tendencies. The difference is, these are made from beautifully absorbent bamboo, making them thinner and more absorbent than the terry squares.

Soft, comfortable and absorbent. Three of the most sought after qualities in a cloth nappy, and three qualities that the range of bamboo flat nappies from Bumboo are proud to deliver. Manufactured from the finest in silky soft double sided bamboo terry fabric, your child will experience the ultimate in comfort when wearing their bamboo flat nappy. Because they are reusable and easy to wash, they are the ecologically sound and cost effective nappy option. Bamboo flat nappies are up to 80% more absorbent than standard cloth nappies.

They are also super quick-drying, and can be used to boost all-in-two or pocket nappies.

Small - 50 x 50 cm
Ideal for newborn babies and can be used later on as a pad folded in a cover or pocket nappy
RRP $12

Medium also available - see here

Large - 75 x 75 cm
Super-sized nappy suitable for large babies and toddlers
RRP $18

Bumboo use and care instructions can be downloaded here

Click here for some ideas on how to fold your nappy (or contact us for help).

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