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Available in Hippo, Dinosaur, Bunny or Koala, these cute packs are great as a starter kit or a present, and can even save you money.

Its got everything they need to have a great time brushing, and a neat and tidy bathroom.

Children love the adorable characters and use them enthusiastically, making them a great alternative to chocolate eggs at Easter. Each kit contains:

* 1 x rinse/storage cup
* 1 x bio toothbrush
* 1 x tube natural toothpaste
* 1 x silicone brush product (hippo pack = baby toothbrush; bunny = tooth & gum brush; dino & koala = finger brush)
* 1 x sleepover bag (not available separately through us at the moment)

All this for only $36.95

Hippo gift packbunny gift kit

dino gift kitkoala gift kit

Jack N Jill

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