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"Almost Forgotten Favourites" Mystery Bag

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Hidden in the depths of the Tots and Toddlers storeroom is a wealth of products which are no longer widely available. Some may be previous season's stock; some have been discontinued; and some are from brands we no longer stock. We. may also throw in some current products to top off the surprise.

If you would like to partake in the unveiling of the treasure (and score yourself some bargains!), the mystery bag is for you. Each bag is packed with value so you can choose to keep the products for yourself, or use them as gifts.

Minimum RRP value of each bag is:

Bag 1 ($30): at least $50 value

Bag 2 ($50): at least $80 value

Bag 3 ($99): at least $150 value

Almost forgotten favourites

ANA Accredited

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