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100% Bamboo folding night booster for EzyPeezies

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Comes as a flat rectangle, fold into 4 width-ways and stuff into the nappy pocket. Can be used on its own or in conjunction with one or two charcoal bamboo inserts to boost absorbency. Folding bamboo boosters offer higher absorption whilst being able to be folded to make a trimmer, neater fit and reduce bulk. Before use, wash insert in plain warm water. Bamboo takes a few washes to reach its maximum absorbency. There is no need for additional washes prior to use. Just use as per usual and bear in mind that the first few uses will not be optimum absorbency. - See more at: http://www.ezypeezies.com.au/shop/accessories/100-bamboo-folding-night-booster/#sthash.dGdeb2ab.dpuf

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