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Hi! My name is Naurelle, and I am a mum to a lovable little guy who has been in cloth since birth. We first discovered MCNs through a friend and have loved them ever since, even to the point of perhaps becoming a little addicted. :P My husband (pictured with my son and I below) thinks I am a little crazy because I love nappies so much, and my son is starting to take after me, choosing which one he wants to wear and using them as play objects when he is not wearing them. He can often be found rolling around in them or stirring up a pot of nappy soup (nappies in a saucepan, which he stirs with a wooden spoon)!

When starting out with cloth, I researched a lot of different nappies and found that, like many things, each child and their nappy needs are very different. With this in mind, we bought several different types and brands of nappies to try and have never regretted it, as we now have the perfect nappy (at least we think so) for every situation.

Trying to buy nappies in our local area was very difficult, and the knowledge of Modern Cloth Nappies locally was scarce, so our little shop was born to spread the word about the magic of cloth!

All of the nappies we sell are ones we use personally, and I am happy to recommend one that will suit your needs or pass on any tips and tricks I have learned along the way.

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