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Melbourne Essential Baby and Toddler Show Wrap-Up

Posted by Naurelle Palmer on

ANA at the Baby and Toddler Show

The Australian Nappy Association stand at the Essential Baby and Toddler show was well attended by people with varying experiences, including new and expectant parents, current cloth nappy users and other stallholders, to name a few. As such, it was a great opportunity for Tots and Toddlers to be able to represent the ANA yesterday (Saturday the 2nd of April 2016) alongside Baby Beehinds consultant, Hayley, and share our passion for cloth nappies.

ANA represented by Tots and Toddlers at the Baby and Toddler Show

Not the best pic, but we hardly had time to stop! 😉

For many people, the opportunity to see cloth nappies “in real life”, touch them and explore how they work was of huge value to them, having only seen them online beforehand. Hayley and I were able to show a range of nappies from the Get Into Cloth Kit and briefly describe each one’s features to lots of interested people, including those who already use cloth nappies; those who used traditional cloth nappies in the past; those who have been wanting to know more about cloth nappies; and those who had never seen or heard of them before, other than traditional terry flats.

ANA represented by Tots and Toddlers and Baby Beehinds at the Baby and Toddler Show

Baby Beehinds consultant, Hayley

Discussions about the ANA’s role and the resources available on the ANA website (such as wash instructions, fitting tips and the Cloth in Childcare Ambassador Pack) were a major focus of our day, with us giving out many fliers containing details about the Australian Nappy Association over the course of the day. We also had the opportunity to offer advice, bust myths, share stories and spruik about the benefits of using cloth nappies which, all in all, made for a fantastic day!

Thanks for the good times, Melbourne!


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