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Balloon Ball

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Now you have a fun blow-up ball to play with wherever you go

The Daju Balloon Ball is your fun, take-anywhere bouncy ball that folds up small enough to fit in your pocket. Just insert a balloon, blow it up, and you’ve instantly got a big, light, inflatable ball to play with. The Balloon ball is also the ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, and stocking stuffers.

Suitable for kids aged one and over

The Balloon Ball is safe for kids one year old and up. When the balloon bursts or deflates, the cover holds the plastic pieces inside, so you can remove them safely. Children should always be supervised while using a balloon ball.

 Folds up super small

The Balloon Ball is designed to travel. Just remove the balloon and fold up the cover to the size of a handkerchief. It’s small enough to pack anywhere and take on holiday, and it blows up to a circumference of 30 inches.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor play

Balloon Ball is a great activity outside in the yard or on the beach in summer, and the extra weight stops it blowing away like a normal balloon. But it’s just as fun inside, and you could even use it in the classroom at school as an educational game.

The perfect way to learn how to catch

Because it’s so soft and lightweight, it’s the perfect learn-to-catch toy for infants. It’s light enough to catch with ease, large enough to grab, and strong enough to put up with young children.

Easy to clean

The strong but soft fabric can be used over and over again. When it gets dirty, it is fully machine washable and it will come out looking like new.

5 free balloons included

When you buy your Balloon Ball, you’ll receive 5 free balloons so you can start having fun as soon as it arrives.

So get your Balloon Ball today and enjoy hours of fun wherever you use it!


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