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Cayro Classic Games

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These games are part of the Cayro Collection - which is the result of a meticulous process of reproduction of original games from the 1920s, making it a genuine collector’s items not only because of its high quality but also due to the limited number of these games that have been brought out onto the market.

Cup and Ball: A traditional juggling game that consists in a stem of wood with a hole at one end attached by string to a ball the exact same diameter as the hole. The objective of the game is to insert the ball in the hole by swinging it upwards. Perfect for developing motor skills. Presented in a cloth bag and a vintage style cardboard box.

Labyrinth: A classic game of skill made out of wood with a vintage style printed laminate, the aim of which is to get all the balls in the holes.

cayro classics cup and ball gamecayro classics labyrinth game