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Close Cocoon Weather Protector

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The sun isn't always shining and there are bound to be times when you will find yourselves out in the wind, rain or even the snow. Cocoon is the perfect way to protect your little one from the elements. It couldn't be easier to keep your little nipper snug and dry so you can get out and Caboo whatever the weather... we think it is just close common sense!

Main features:

Facing in & facing out positions

Nifty universal clip will fit most carrier brands and may also be used with some strollers*

Expandable kick space so your Cocoon will grow as your little one does

Detachable and adjustable hood that works facing in or facing out

Super soft snuggly neck cuff

Concealed vents to allow air flow

(*maximum material/strap thickness for clip approximately 3-4 mm)

Composition:100% Nylon with TPU membrane.

RRP $49