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Emotion Chart with Dolls

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Fair trade emotion chart with dolls.
The perfect emotions wall chart for early childhood educators, psychologists or anyone working with children. In the six pockets on the wall hanging are six dolls each expressing with their facial expressions a different emotion of Happy, Sad, Frightened, Angry, Sad or Crying. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to be able to choose the doll appropriate to their feelings, hug the doll and talk through their feelings.
The chart which has four loops for displaying measures approximately 39 cms by 70 cms. Each soft doll has a height of approx.19 cms.
The facial features on the dolls are hand embroidered, so fully safe for children.
Handmade by an artisan at Artisans Effort, a fair trade Organization in Kolkata,West Bengal, India.There are more than 150 families involved with Artisans Effort. 60% are women and 40% are men. Since Artisans Effort is an artisans based organization, the artisans needs and difficulties are very closely understood. At present, Artisans Effort looks after the education responsibility of nine poor and needy children from Asansol (West Bengal ) Their books, uniforms and school fees are paid for. Artisans Effort proposes that in the future they will open a school for poor and needy children.