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EzyPeezies Pull-Up Nappy

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Babies wearing EzyPeezies

EzyPeezies are just that...Ezy Peezy!

A one-size-fits-most pull up nappy that can be used from newborn through to toilet training, these versatile nappies can be used as an all-in-two nappy system, pocket nappy, nappy pants, waterproof training pants or swim nappy. They even come packaged in their own colour-coordinated wetbag!

Sizing of EzyPeezies

The inner fabric is made from the natural fibres of charcoal bamboo to draw moisture away and keep skin dry, preventing nappy rash and irritation, not to mention hiding stubborn stains, and they come with two absorbent charcoal bamboo and microfibre inserts, shaped for maximum effectiveness.

EP nappy pack

EzyPeezies also have a unique folding/ extendable wing system to create the prefect fit on both tiny babies and larger toddlers regardless of shape.

snap features

Colours available in EzyPeezies Nappies