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Felt Pourri

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fet pourri colours

You will love this modern take on the traditional fragrance options. Felt Pourri is handmade with 100% eco-friendly wool felt (AZO free dyes) and natural wicker balls combined with a 10ml premium fragrance in a beautiful glass dropper bottle. 

Our Felt Pourri comes in 5 colours:

  • Sorbet (pinks)
  • Forrest Walk (greens)
  • Ultra Marine (blues) 
  • Marsala Medley (rich tones of purple, pinks and reds colour) and
  • Sanctuary - browns and greys

You have a selection of fragrances to choose from - we have grouped them into fragrance groups for ease of choice:


Rosehip & Jasmine: This is a beautiful, elegant fragrance with top notes of jasmine and light hearted roses, blended with white musk, jasmine and bottom notes of sandalwood and amber. A feminine, yet subtle fragrance that will fill your senses with a gorgeous floral bouquet.

Fruity/ Citrus

French Pear & Freesia: A gentle, yet fresh bouquet of just ripened pears and beautiful white freesias. Top notes of gingerflower and bergamot, balanced by notes of green tea, exotic jasmine and white pear. Rounded off with white musk, patchouli and woody bottom notes. A truly sumptuous fragrance that is perfect for any home. 
Lychee & Black Tea: A tropical Eastern inspired fragrance, our Lychee & Green Tea is a fruity yet floral fragrance that blends the delicate freshness of lychee with the beautiful sweet scent of peony. Balanced with black tea, this fragrance will whisk you off to a tropical island retreat.  


Driftwood: A relaxing, soothing fragrance that has woody tones combined with a light musk note. This fragrance is a complex combination of wood and sea in its essence - it evokes the sense of pleasure, freedom and escape into nature.

Bergamot & Cedar: A warm and wonderfully smooth fragrance, our Bergamot & Cedar has top notes of Yuzu, enhanced with grapefruit, mandarin and soft musk, combined with middle notes of bergamot and rounded off with base notes of the exotic tonka bean and cedar. Slightly spicey and with floral undertones, this is a perfect fragrance to escape the everyday.

Ocean: An invigorating scent of a fresh ocean breeze. Top notes of crisp apple and citrusy bergamot combined with lavender and bois de rose and balanced with a woody violet and a light musk bottom note. A fresh fragrance that will delight your senses and invoke memories of the beachside holidays.

Fresh Linen: Aclean, fresh bouquet that captures the crisp yet delicate scent of freshly laundered linens. This scent has subtle notes of jasmine and rose balanced with notes of sweet melon that will invigorate your senses.
Rich & Warm
Sandalwood & Vanilla: A gorgeously soft, floral scent with warm undertones of smooth amber, creamy vanilla and middle tones of bergamt, exotic orchid and jasmine. Balanced with middle notes of sandalwood, this scent is a softer and more delicate take on the traditional sandalwood that we are sure you will love.