Flushable Bamboo Liners - Green Kids brand

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Green Kids 100% Bamboo flushable nappy liners make nappy changing and washing a breeze!  Simply place inside your modern cloth nappy to collect soiling.  Moisture will pass through the liner to the inserts, while the bamboo is soft and gentle on your baby's skin.  When your baby needs changing, simply gather up the liner and contents, and flush them down the toilet.  The liners are 100% bio-degradable and compostable.  Each liner is 19cm x 28cm and they can be cut or folded to suit any size nappy.  
*Bamboo liners may not be suitable for septic toilet systems.  If you have a septic toilet system, discard soiling in toilet, then dispose of liner in rubbish.  Never place feces in rubbish or compost bins.  Wet liners may be composted rather than flushed.