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Nursing Pads 6Pk

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Made from waterproof natural PUL, microfibre and soft suede cloth, these super absorbent nursing pads are easy and discreet to use, and will save you heaps of $$ over the cost of disposable pads. The set of 6 pads comes with its own mesh washing bag and instructions for care and use.   Each pad is 11cm in diameter and shaped to fit comfortably inside your bra. 
Breastfeeding your bub is best for baby and you, and Green Kids new, washable nursing pads make it easy and comfortable.  Each pad is shaped to fit in a natural colour that won't show under clothes, and they are super absorbent to cope with let downs and leaks both day and night.
Layer 1:  against your skin is soft, white suedecloth that won't stick or irritate and helps keep you dry - this side has coloured thread so you always know which way to use your nursing pads.
Layers 2 & 3:  the centre 2 layers are made of super absorbent microfibre terry that will absorb the largest let-down or leaks, both day and night. 
Layer 4:  waterproof, quiet, natural coloured PUL makes Green Kids nursing pads discreet and minimises embarrassing wet patches on your clothes.
Green Kids nursing pads can be washed just like your Green Kids nappies and re-used many times.  Full care and use instructions are included, plus a mesh washing bag to make care of your pads easy.