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Magnetic Educational Activity Set

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Compact magnetic educational activity sets that entertain at home, school or on the road

InaKids Magnetic Educational Activity Sets are the perfect educational toy for creative minds. They help develop a child's imagination, language and story-telling skills. 

Each box comes with a built-in magnetic story board that unfolds neatly from the lid. Children then use colorful, chunky magnetic pieces to create their own unique adventure or discover the world around them. All sets come with a range of educational aids including picture-matching cards, instruction sheets and teaching manuals. As a child's confidence grows, parents and teachers can encourage the creation of new images and stories without these aids.

These sets are guaranteed to keep children entertained for hours! Their compact format makes them an ideal travel companion on long road trips and flights. For busy grown-ups, the compact box makes it easy to collect and store the magnetic pieces. A built-in elastic strap then keeps everything secure until next time.

Ethical, low-impact manufacturing

Inakids activity sets include some EVA plastic components. However, Inakids is incredibly sensitive to the environment and is highly ethical. All components are certified phthalate free and exceed the EU's REACH standard for hazard substances in plastic. Its factory is ICTI certified and its production processes are ROHS compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). This means it's eliminated the use of toxic elements in manufacturing; and ensures potentially hazardous by-products are handled and disposed of safely.

Age Group 3+Yrs
Designed In China/Australia
Made In China
Item Weight - kg 0.780
Item Dimensions L x W x H - cm 26.5 x 23 x 4.5
Product Dimensions 26.5x23x4.5cm