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Nighttime Pants

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close pop-in nighttime pants

Medium 18-24 months, 11.5-12.5kgDry during the day but not quite yet there at night? Love to escape the cost of disposable pull-ups? The Pop-in night-time pants are the perfect reusable solution giving you and your little ones the peace of mind needed for dream filled nights.

Just like the Pop-in day pants, they can be pulled up and down easily, but there is also a full layer of waterproof PUL. Inside, the clever combination of absorbent and waterproof fabrics coupled with the deep elastic cuff help provide the ultimate protection against leaks.

Need a little extra absorbency? Simply pop a small booster into the pocket. We think they are the perfect way to give your nipper a helping hand on the journey to potty independence! Specially designed for night-times.

Sizing (the following sizing is a guide only). Please use in conjunction with the measurements table below:

Large 2-2.5 years, 12.5-13.5kg
XL 2.5+ years, 13.5kg+
2XL is 3.5+years, 15kg+

Close Pop-in Night Time Pants - Sizing Table


Outer 100% polyester TPU laminated, inside fast wicking polyester, inner core; 100% polyester

RRP $24.95

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Pop-in Night Time Pants?




  • Slim and discreet to help boost a child’s confidence.
  • Easy to pull up and down by the child.
  • Full waterproof layer and deep elasticised cuffs to help minimise the effects of any accidents.
  • Designed to hold one wee, so they can’t be relied on as a nappy. This is a definite bonus when in the final stages of toilet training.





Who are they great for?





Most night underpants on the market are really just pull-up nappies and made to absorb a lot of liquid but designed to help the child feel like they're wearing underpants. These are a great solution for older children who still wet significantly at night but don't fit nappies and certainly don't want to be wearing them.

The Pop-in Night Pants provide a solution for families who need discreet night pants that bridge the gap between being fully day trained and “almost there” at night.

They are great for children who don’t want to wear nappies any more (or who have outgrown their nappies), but still need some protection during the night.







Who are they NOT suitable for?




If your child still requires the absorbency of a nappy, a better option would be a night pant that has capacity for 300+ ml of fluid.






What is the Pop-in Night Time Pant capacity?




The Pop-in Night Pants will hold 100-120 ml of fluid on their own without any extra boosting added. When you add an extra booster into the pocket it approximately doubles the capacity to between 200 and 250 ml. 






Will they leak?


Like most nappies and training pants, your Pop-in Night Pants will leak if they are overfilled or filled to capacity and left on for a long period. To ensure a leak-free experience, only use the product if you know it is suitable for your child’s needs, and change them when you know they have been wet.






How many pants will my child need?




It depends on what stage of toilet training your child is at. If they are just starting out, we recommend having 2 pairs on hand per night. If they are nearing the end of the journey, 1 pair per night will be sufficient. The Pop-in Night Time Pants do dry quite quickly, but please consider your wash routine when deciding how many you’ll need. 

For more FAQs about the Pop-in Night Time Pants, please Click Here.