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Pikapu Booster 3pk 3-18kg

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Pikapu Nappy Boosters for standard 3-18kg nappy

  • 3 pack boosters (31 X 12 cm) 
  • 4 layers of absorbency
  • Holds up to 100 mL each
  • Quick Drying

The pikapu 3 pack of boosters now consists of micro fleece outer layers that are soft against babies bum and 2 internal layers of microfibre for absorbency that wisk away wetness from baby.

No folding terry squares, pins, plastic covers or soaking. Simply place booster in nappy, put on baby and fasten. Done. The pikapu nappy is an Australian designed All-in-one size adjustable modern cloth nappy that is quick and easy to use. For added absorbency and to take the pikapu nappy through the night use 1-3 boosters.

Getting started

A newborn will use around 8-10 nappies per day. As the child gets older you’ll need around 5-6 per day. With 18-24 nappies and 6-9 boosters, you'll only need to wash every 2-3 days.

Booster use & care instructions

Wash booster before use. Set the sizing of your pikapu nappy before inserting the booster. Once set place booster between the flap layer and base of the nappy. There are no snaps required the booster will sit comfortably and firmly in place. 1-3 boosters will fit comfortably inside the nappy and requirements will vary depending on each babies individual needs. Rinse after use and store in nappy bucket (no water) ready for wash. Cold machine wash using 1/2 strength detergent. To dry, line or tumble dry.(low) Do not use fabric softners or bleach as they may affect the performance of the booster.