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Pikapu Disposable Liners

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Pikapu Disposable Nappy Liners

  • 50 pack disposable nappy liners

The pikapu liner pack consists of 50 disposable liners that are soft, easy to use and protects nappy. They are made from wooden fibres making them biodegradable.

How to use: nappy liner sits between your baby and the nappy. Place liner on top of the nappy and fasten as usual.

How to dispose: Flush solids with the liner or throw wet only liners in the bin. Liners are for single use only. pikapu liners are made from natural fibres. Please dispose of these liners responsibly as flushing may cause blockage in damaged or old drains and septic systems.

NB. Tots and Toddlers recommends not flushing liners, but rather rolling what solids you can into the toilet and then disposing with regular garbage.