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Pop-In Training Pants (2016 Prints)

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Pop-in reusable training pants have been designed specially to make toilet training easy and the transition from nappy to potty seamless!


Makes Life Simpler

Designed with soft elasticated waist bands and snug elasticated leg cuffs, these training pants are easy to pull up and down and have a comfortable fit.

With an indulgently soft and fast wicking inner layer that offers just the right amount of absorbency and a waterproof layer that minimises messes, these training pants help little ones to feel the wetness and speed up potty training.


Makes Parenting Easier

Easy to use and sweet to look at, these training pants are an instant win with both parents and babies.

Reusable equals cost-effective and planet-friendly.

The unique design ensures that while messes are minimal, awareness is maximum, helping to make potty training a stress-free affair for everyone.


Makes More Sense

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