Close Pop-In Soaker Set for V1 nappies

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Extra soaker sets for New Gen V1 Pop-In nappies. Colours are randomly chosen according to availability and will be snowball (white) or Grey Day (grey). These can be purchased in bamboo (more absorbent) or minkee (quicker-drying) material.

Please note that minkee soaker sets are unpackaged.

Great for being able to reuse a cover several times before washing (just change soaker set if cover is not wet/soiled. We recommend having two or more shells in rotation at a time, so you can air each one between changes) and for getting your nappies back in use quicker after washing (because shells can dry faster than soakers).

Please note, these do not fit the New Gen V2 nappies released in 2014, or earlier versions of the pop-in than New Gen V1.