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Green Kids Inserts

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premium double  regular single boosterbamboo charcoal
All Green Kids nappies will require an absorbent insert to place inside the pocket of the nappy to absorb wetness.  Green Kids offers a range of re-useable inserts specially designed to fit your Green Kids nappies. These vary in absorbency, drying time and price, so you can choose the inserts that best suit your bub.  For extra absorbency, team a bamboo insert with a microfibre insert or bamboo booster.  Our bamboo inserts are super absorbent, and are made from 60% bamboo fleece, 30% organic cotton and 10% coolplus microfibre.  Green Kids new bamboo/charcoal inserts are made from 75% bamboo/charcoal fabric & 25% microfibre, and they are very absorbent for their weight. 
All Green Kids inserts & boosters (with the exception of microfibre inserts) are proudly designed and made in Australia. Please note that our newborn inserts are specifically designed to fit our newborn nappies, but they can be used in our one size nappies too for young babies or as a booster in any nappy size.
Most babies will need:
Day time: 1 regular or premium Bamboo Insert per nappy.
Night time: 1 Premium Double Bamboo Insert and 1 Microfibre Insert or Bamboo Booster per nappy.
Newborn: 1 Newborn Bamboo insert or Microfibre insert per Newborn nappy.
Heavy wetters: may need to also add a Bamboo or microfibre booster to the above combinations.

Star ratings for inserts to help you decide which insert is right for your baby!
4 stars is the highest rating.
Absorbency- The more stars, the more absorbent the insert is.
Drying time - The more stars, the faster the drying time.
Trimness - The more stars, the trimmer the insert.

  Premium Bamboo
Double Insert
Regular Bamboo
Single Insert
Drying Time

For more info on size and composition of individual inserts, please see:;-Boosters-c7.htm