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Sleepytot Bunny Comforter (Large)

Regular price $29.95

No more dummy runs in the night. Sleepytot will help your little one find their own dummies. Guess what? Tried, tested and it works!

How many times do you get up every night and find yourself on hands and knees searching under the cot, in the darkness for the elusive dummies?

 The only comforter to hold 4 dummies (without knots!!!)
 Endorsed by baby sleep consultants across Australia
 Super snuggly soft

New and improved velcro on all Sleepytot comforters - stronger grip and long lasting hold but still baby safe! Yay!

AU/NZ/EU safety approved This link will help guide you on safe sleep

The Millpond Child Sleep Clinic and sleep consultants worldwide recommend our comforters as a way of helping little ones find their dummies easily at night and return to sleep without fully waking.