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Sock Monkey

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Adopt one of our Sock Monkeys. They are all unique, handmade and full of personality.

All Monkey and Me sock monkeys are lovingly handmade using one brand new pair of socks. The socks come from a variety of shops and contain combinations of cotton, polyester and elastane. Their tummies are stuffed with common garden variety toy filling. 

Monkey and Me creates individual characters and personalities using hand sewn stitches and felt so details can vary from monkey. That said, they’re from the same monkey family so resemblance is strong. Like brothers and sisters. 

A sock monkey will always put a smile on the face of its new owner. Imagine the delight of receiving a gift that has never been seen before and the pleasure of seeing that reaction, not worrying that someone else will give that very same unique gift.

These sock monkeys are Monkey and Me's own original design and have registered copyright protection. 

You can find some FAQs about the sock monkeys here.

Sock Monkeys at Tots and Toddlers