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Beco Soleil Baby Carrier

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The Beco Soleil  comes with a host of unique and thoughtful features not seen in other baby carriers! The Soleil baby carrier features:

- Padded carrier to ensure maximum comfort, including: shoulder straps, padded headrest for baby, padded leg support for baby, waist band. Evenly distributes baby's weight from shoulders to hip. 
- Large, removable front pocket, for carrying essentials such as a nappy and wet wipes. 
- Expandable pocket on waist belt for small items, such as a bunch of keys, credit cards and a pack of tissue paper. 
- Key / Toy Ring, for bringing along that all-important teething toy, or security blanket. 
- Removable sleeping hood. 
- Tri-lock buckles, for added safety when babywearing. Each buckle can only be removed with two hands, making it extra safe and secure for your little one.
- Dual adjustment system: side shoulder straps adjustment for ensuring that baby's weight is evenly distributed, adjustment straps on shoulder to bring baby closer or further away from you, for easier breastfeeding while in carrier. 
- Adjustable sliding chest straps, to allow user to put on the carrier without assistance. 
- Elastic bands to hold excess straps, making the carrier neat and tidy. 

Important bits:

- 3 carry positions: Front (backpack style, or with shoulders crossed), back, and hip carry. 
- Suitable from birth (3.5kg - with infant insert), to 20kg. 
- Waistband range 27" to 59". 
- Shoulder strap range 18" to 49". 
- One size fits most. 
- Carrier weight: 590g
- Material: 100% Cotton, Static and Lint Resistant. 
- Machine Washable.

The Beco Soleil is designed for ease of use, comfort for both baby and child for long periods of time. Available in a range of stunning colours and designs.

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