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Travel, Learn and Explore Book and Puzzle Set

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Australia: See where the mines are, find out what's happening to our coral reefs, journey along the coast with the whale migrations and much more.

Space: Go on an adventure in space like a real astronaut! Put together the 205 pieces of a fantastic puzzle, read the book and learn all about our universe. What are Saturn’s rings made of? How far is the Earth from the Sun? How many moons does Jupiter have? Look how big the Milky Way is, observe the craters on the moon, follow comets as they sail through the sky and let your imagination race through the galaxies!

The Earth: 
Travel the world to learn all about the most interesting things on our beautiful planet!
Take an exciting trip through two hemispheres. Check out how deep the oceans are and get a close-up look at the world’s largest and most ferocious animals. Learn about our most interesting and impressive buildings! Read all kinds of facts in the 32 page book, then test your memory by assembling a 205-piece puzzle! Check out a YouTube video about it here.

The Human Body: 

Take a fascinating tour of the human body! How does your respiratory system work? What kind of bones make up a skeleton? How does food get digested? How many cells does one body contain? Put together the detailed puzzle and read the book to learn all about the life cycle and the human body! This is a 200 piece puzzle 130 cm long and includes 10 special-shaped pieces.

FSC Certified.

Age: 6+