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Warmze Refill Kits

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Warmze is the only portable bottle warmer on the market that does not require electricity, batteries, a car charger, or boiling water.


Warmer Refill Wraps are to be used with the cotton bottlesoc which is supplied in the Starter Kit.

One air-activated, self heating, warmer wrap will conveniently heat several different bottles throughout a day. Each non-toxic, disposable, biodegradable warmer wrap heats up to 10 hours, for approximately 3 – 5 bottles in a day. 


Warmer Wrap refills include four warming wraps.

  • Warmers are non-toxic, biodegradable, and earth friendly.
  • The natural ingredients in our warmers can be used in compost, mulch, fertiliser or you can place them in the green-waste bin after use
  • Warmers are air-activated and last for up to 10 hours.
  • The Large Warmer Wrap fits most reusable bottles up to 330ml.
  • The Small Warmer Wrap fit most reusable bottles 120ml – 180 ml.
  • Works with bottle of choice