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Wooly Mates Dryer Balls

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Pack of 6 Natural Cream Wool dryerballs. Approx 6 cms in diameter.

These felted wool balls are made from beautuful, freshly carded wool roving from NSW Australia.

Unlike other dryer balls, Wooly Mates Laundry Tumble Dryer balls are NOT made of yarn, which eventually unravels.  Wooly Mates dryer balls are triple felted. They take a little longer to make, but they are the best quality and will last forever. 

Wooly Mates Laundry Tumble Dryer balls reduce drying time - the more you use, the faster your clothes dry. Drying cloth nappies has never been so easy! They also soften clothes while reducing static and wrinkles.

You can even apply essential oils before popping them in the dryer to lightly scent your laundry and eliminate germs.

Wooly Mates Laundry Tumble Dryer balls are:

*the eco friendly alternative to dryer sheets


*chemical free

*energy savers

*perfect toys for babies and pets.....

*excellent gifts for Mother's Day, Weddings, Christenings and Baby Showers...and so many more

Each set comes in a natural cotton drawstring bag with all you need to know, including directions ON the bag - perfect for gift giving or just to store them.